Tim Holtz' Creative Chemistry 101 Day 5

This online course is 10 days long and I've just completed Day 5.  The techniques from Day 5 are beautiful and I can't wait to get started on some cards and collages that I hope to actually frame.  I'm learning techniques that produce items that are worth to be given as gifts and every once in a while, something happens that I think would sell.  I'm not looking to become a mass producer of cards and whatnot, but if I have an outlet I certainly have added some tricks to my repertoire.  So, on to the reveal!

Stained Kraft Resist technique

This technique uses Tim Holtz' Kraft paper which is covered with a varnish in places. The varnished areas will resist add color (water based) so I can saturate the page, wipe away excess, and the varnished areas will come back through.

Stamping with Stains technique

I have a new favorite tool called Picket Fence. It is a heavily pigmented white stain that dries to look like white wash.  It adds a bit of Oomph to a piece.  It breaks up the layer between the multicolored, busy background and the main image.  I wish I had selected a bolder stamp for the black image, but the nice thing about these techniques is that I now own them. I can make another project anytime. This technique is definitely a keeper...I liked it so well I did two of these!

Marbled Stains technique

I have been fascinated with marbling since I saw my first piece of handmade paper. I've marbleized paper, eggs, poly clay, and my grandchildren (just seeing if you're paying attention).  This technique is simple and it doesn't contain any oil (reference to the normal process of creating marbling solution. If I have to explain the joke, is it still funny?).


  1. All of your tags are turning out great. This is a fun class and I am loving seeing all the beautiful art everyone is creating!


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