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CC3C #4 Layered Stencils with Texture Paste

This challenge took more thought than actual time in completing the project.  As some of you may know, I suffer from neuropathy in my feet and I have a difficult time walking.  I'm always looking for shoes that are comfortable and that supply enough support.  I had a pair of clogs that I wore when I was going through Esthetics training...the typical 'nurses' shoe.  I know the saying goes that we can wear white after Memorial Day, but trust one should wear white clogs unless the occasion warrants it.

All this intro is leading to my project.  I decided to alter my clogs in a way that also fulfilled this week's challenge.  So, Ta Dah! On to the show!

Here are the original shoes.  Very white (and very large!) They are made of some type of poly material. 

Knowing that Distress Paints are not reactive with water once they are dry, I decided that would be the way to go to 'paint' my shoes.  Because my closet is full of varying shades of green and a whole lotta …