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CC3C #7 Painted Industrial

Image you may have noticed that the previous post said CC3C #4 and this one is #7.  Where did #5 and #6 go?  Remember how I said that I was not going to purchase any additional supplies this year? Well, if I don't have everything I need to complete a challenge, then I skip it and hope I can participate in the next one.

So, Hurrah! I had everything I needed to complete this wonderful Painted Industrial challenge and I really love this technique.  In fact, I thought my soon-to-be 11 year old grandson would love it, too so my project is his birthday card.  He reads incessantly (and NOBODY is complaining about that!) so I thought he would enjoy a tag bookmark that matched the card.

I hope you enjoy this project. If you would like more information on the techniques we are working through, purchase Tim Holtz' latest book, Compendium of Curiosities III...he will even sign it for you if you buy though thislink!

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