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Lack of money can be a great opportunity for Creativity

For 23 years I had a career that allowed me to live without having to worry about money.  I raised my kids as a single mother, provided all necessities and most non-essentials (don't let them tell you that I was always buying plants and compost instead of food...).

Since I retired last December, my income reduced by 2/3rds.  That is a significant decrease especially for someone who wants to pick and choose when or whether she works.

One thing this reduction in income has showed me is that I can be really creative when it comes to funding non-essential purchases.  For instance, my friend's birthday is coming soon and I would normally go out and drop a wad of money on something that she probably wouldn't use very often.  Instead, I'm putting together a myriad of gifts gathered and made which will cost me next to nothing.

A good place to start is with all those boxes of nick nacks that everyone has stashed away somewhere.  I have two large eaves in the upstairs of my hous…