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Sorry I've been absent of late...with school and spring and family moving in it's been hectic.  I promise that I will be back shortly with what I hope is interesting material.  One source of interesting material is the new America's Test Kitchen cooking school.  I'm thinking of blogging my experience with the cooking school.  Hopefully my cooking and my photography will improve!

The Chopra Center's 21-Day Meditation Challenge

My friend, Melissa Diana, posted a notice on Facebook about a 21-Day Meditation Challenge offered by the Chopra Center.  I've admired Deepak Chopra and the work he does for many years.  Still, I figured it was something that was going to cost a lot of money and take a lot of time.  I'm glad that I clicked the link because the meditations are free (but they cannot be downloaded unless one is much more computer saavy than me) but the previous 7 daily meditations are available online.  That is a good thing because the official challenge began on February 20th and I did not begin until the 23rd.  I am starting from the beginning and I will do the 21 days in order.

These are guided meditations that take about 15 minutes.  I usually get up around 0515 to 0530 every morning but I don't do a fire and sit drinking coffee.  I decided that that time would be a good time to meditate.  I light the fire, turn out all the lights and sink into some 'me time.'

Thank yo…

More Signs of Spring: Seedlings

If you read the post about my Valentine's gift from Andy and Jaycee, you might remember that my gift box included tiny pots with Forget-me-Not and strawberry seeds and soil.  I planted them on February 9th and the Forget-me-Nots have just broken the surface.  I love the sight of seedlings breaking out of the soil! I will soon be transplanting these into a terrarium while they are small, then outside for the summer. Get out there and enjoy the springtime weather!

Blankets, bonnets, booties, and A BABY!

Last Monday was a special day for me.  My daughter, Sarah, gave birth to my newest granddaughter: Danica Kealani Lizama.  She weighed in at a healthy 9 lbs 1 oz with a full head of dark hair.  Of course I think she is gorgeous...most babies are. 

Jaycee (my son Andy's significant other) recently took up crocheting and immediately started producing the cutest baby items for Danica.  I, of course, had to share so I hope you enjoy these cute photos of a blanket, bonnet, and booties on our new baby.

A little taste of Spring

By this time of the year, I am usually itching for signs of Spring to arrive.  This year is a little different...they never really seemed to leave.  Driving to northern Maryland, I saw flowering quince blooming along the roadway.  Daffodils have been blooming in Crystal City for two weeks.  This has been a very strange winter.  That being said, I thought I would share a little project I did because I just couldn't wait to get my hands into the soil.  I had a nifty urn that didn't survive the freezing/thawing weather intact but I really love the antique look it provides for this project.  It is very simple...plants can be found in your yard or your local garden center.  If you are in a colder zone, look for plants that are outside in your garden center.  They will survive being left outside until Spring truly arrives.

A Valentine for Jaycee

Andy asked my help in making a special Valentine's Day t-shirt for Jaycee.  I had just bought some iron-on facing to make the signature red dragonflies that I use to identify my esthetics equipment so we decided to give it a try on the t-shirt.  We used a font set from Spellbinders to cut the letters out of the fabric and be placed around the owl.  I think he's got a winner!

Today is brought to you by the letter 'V'

I haven't 'done' Valentine's Day for many years; however, I am attending training with 15 really wonderful women and I decided that I wanted to make them a special Valentine's Day gift.  I have a greenhouse full of overgrown aloe vera plants that need new homes so I decided that each lady will receive a newly potted plant.  I couldn't pot them up in just any old, my mind is much more creative than that. With the help of my son, Andy, I fancied up terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint, liquid chalk, stamps, and chalk ink pads to create a unique gift for each person. 

An Early Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day came early at our house because Jaycee cannot keep a secret.  She loves to put together fun packages for holidays, but once they are together, she can't wait to give them out.  Consequently, I got to enjoy a fun Valentine's treat on Thursday.  I love Trident White's Cool Colada gum but it is impossible to find in the stores anymore.  Jaycee hopped online and got me a 12-pack to put into my Valentine's basket.  Hurray! Other prizes include: A heart-shaped pumice stone, heart themed pedicure set, a box of chocolates and Kisses, miniature pots of strawberry and Forget-me-not plants, two baby mylar balloons (These are so cool...they are flat with a capsule inside of them. When you break the capsule, they fill up!), and a much needed mini lint roller.  This was a very fun thoughtful gift. Thanks Jaycee, Andy, and Cameron!

Birthday prizes from Japan

My friend, Miho, and her daughter, Chinatsu, sent me a wonderful birthday package from Japan.  It included a very interesting stuffed doll that has a pleather bra on but whose tag says, "Bubbleman".  Not sure if it is an error in translation or just a new icon toy.  Along with Bubbleman, they sent a package of the freshest green tea that I have ever seen.  It is the color of grass and it tastes like heaven!  What birthday package would be complete without jewels of some sort (especially a birthday that is so close to Valentine's day).  I was gifted with a pink and clear crystal choker, earrings, and an additional pendant to add sparkle to my evening wear.  I'm sure either Bubbleman or Devon will attempt to steal these away!  Thank you, Miho and Chinatsu, for my wonderful birthday gifts!  I love you!