Today is brought to you by the letter 'V'

I haven't 'done' Valentine's Day for many years; however, I am attending training with 15 really wonderful women and I decided that I wanted to make them a special Valentine's Day gift.  I have a greenhouse full of overgrown aloe vera plants that need new homes so I decided that each lady will receive a newly potted plant.  I couldn't pot them up in just any old, my mind is much more creative than that. With the help of my son, Andy, I fancied up terra cotta pots with chalkboard paint, liquid chalk, stamps, and chalk ink pads to create a unique gift for each person. 
I love this's acrylic and cleans up with soap and water
Pot plus foam brush plus chalkboard paint!
Andy applies first coat of paint (it takes a minimum of 2 and then a 24 hour cure time).

Waiting for decorations
Overview of all materials used
Potting soil

 Terracotta pot, foam brush, and chalkboard paint

Regular chalk (my grandchildren's sidewalk chalk) and liquid chalk (

Something to plant in (makes things neater)

First one decorated

Ready to plant...added a barrier to stop soil from falling out. I use my old fabric softener sheets.

Added the soil

Separating baby aloes from mother plant

This looks like a good candidate!

Newly potted aloe

Things do get a little messy

5 down...12 to go!
UPDATE:  The aloe pots were a great hit!  I even got orders for more plants.  I will get my greenhouse cleaned out yet!  We even got to use one of the plants when a client had a bad reaction to getting her eyebrows waxed.  Nothing was soothing it so I broke off a stem and put aloe on it.  It cooled right down!


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