Birthday prizes from Japan

Drinking tea with Bubbleman on Saturday morning.
Is Bubbleman trying to steal my earrings?
My friend, Miho, and her daughter, Chinatsu, sent me a wonderful birthday package from Japan.  It included a very interesting stuffed doll that has a pleather bra on but whose tag says, "Bubbleman".  Not sure if it is an error in translation or just a new icon toy.  Along with Bubbleman, they sent a package of the freshest green tea that I have ever seen.  It is the color of grass and it tastes like heaven!  What birthday package would be complete without jewels of some sort (especially a birthday that is so close to Valentine's day).  I was gifted with a pink and clear crystal choker, earrings, and an additional pendant to add sparkle to my evening wear.  I'm sure either Bubbleman or Devon will attempt to steal these away!  Thank you, Miho and Chinatsu, for my wonderful birthday gifts!  I love you!


  1. Where is your friend from? I have a Japanese Daughter.

  2. Matsuyama City in Ehime Province.


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