Tim Holtz' Creative Chemistry 101 Day 4

So today's entry will have two projects instead of three.  One issue I have with this course, is that we were given a supply list and a suggested supply list from which I purchased my, well, supplies.  However, there have been a couple of projects which relied on items that were not on either list.  I tried to make do, but today's third project (making a custom stamp pad out of specialty felt) was impossible to fudge on.  I have so many stamp pads that it doesn't make sense to go out and buy the felt for one project.

So, here are today's projects.  The first one used waterbrushes (plastic tubes filled with water that have brushes on the end) to watercolor stamped images with re-inker.  For those who do not know, a re-inker is a very concentrated form of ink used to renew a stamp pad.  I only have two re-inkers so I took a little license and used my markers to add highlights.  I really like this technique and the look I achieved!
Watercoloring with Re-inkers technique

The second technique involved creating sprays out of the re-inkers and using them to create backgrounds.  I only had two little mist bottles so I made the background by swiping my pads on my non-stick craft sheet and picking up color on my tag that way.  I then placed a mask and sprayed with some walnut stain that I had.  This left a negative image on my tag.  Because it wasn't very sharply defined, I did a very rough outline in black to add definition.  Not my favorite project, but I won't throw it away!

Layered Misting technique


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