Breakfast on the run

I've been running a little behind since Daylight Saving Time started last week.  Because I have been staying in bed a little longer, I've not been fixing my breakfast and lunch to take with me to school.  This hits me where it the pocketbook because I purchase food at the local cafeteria and it costs me between $7 and $13 per day.  Add this to $9 for parking and 54 round-trip commuting miles and a school day can be expensive! 

Today I have committed to being prepared and fixing my food.  This is a cost I can control.  I have a George Foreman 5th Generation grill which has several different plates for cooking.  One is an omelet maker so I made sweet pepper omelets with Mexican cheese and fresh thyme.  To accompany the omelet, I'm having Greek yogurt with raspberries, honey, cinnamon, and fresh lemon thyme.  A meal that would cost several dollars in a restaurant for pennies.

I don't have a photo of lunch, but I fixed a baked potato, leftover roast beef, and steamed veggies.  I plan on making a loaded baked potato so I'm bringing along some of that Mexican cheese blend.  I'm taking my own iced tea, too.  I couldn't believe that a small bottle of INKOS tea set me back over $3!

Take some time out of your evening and prepare for tomorrow.  You'll be happy and amazed at the money it will save you and you can guarantee the quality of your food.  Pink Slime and genetically modified foods have no place in MY kitchen!


  1. Looks good BENTOU!!!! I must cook a Bentou for Chinatsu Monday-Friday from April, too.


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