Tim Holtz' Creative Chemistry 101 Day 6-10

As I usually do, I got behind in my coursework and am only now finishing up this amazing class.  Thank goodness it is online and I won't get docked on my final grade for being late!

I spent the last 3 days finishing up projects from days 6-10.  It has been a very enjoyable time and now I will share photos of the 'fruits' of my labor.

Day 6: Watercolor with Distress Markers
Today was more of a technique day than a project day.  I explored different ways of adding color using Distress Markers, different papers, and wet/dry methods.

Day 7: Embossing Basics.  These projects all include using embossing powders as either a resist (adding a layer that remains the original color regardless of how many layers you add over it) or for dimension on a project.

I screwed up the card but I think I recovered beautifully!

Batik Technique

Enamel Technique

Distress Powder Resist Technique

Day 8: Paint Dabbers and Crackle Paint.  Loved these techniques especially the Shatter Stains.  These are projects that I will make again and again.

Paint Dabber Resist Technique (this is on fabric)

Crackle Paint Resist Technique

My personal favorite, Shattered Stains Technique (these are made on grungeboard)

Day 9: Perfect Pearls and Beyond.  This project taught how to make pearly inks from Perfect Pearls (a pearly mineral powder), Distress Re-inkers (concentrated ink color), and water in a spray mister.  They add glimmer and shine to any project.  Bring on the Bling!

Perfect Distress Mist Technique

Showing a little of the pearly shine

Perfect Distress Technique

Perfect Splatter Distress Technique (like the Perfect Distress Technique only the ink is applied first to your working surface and added to the tag by dragging it through the color)

Trying to capture the texture and glimmer
So...that completes my 10 Days of Techniques by Tim Holtz of Ranger, Inc.  I loved both the online format and all the techniques I learned.  It will take my cardmaking to a higher level.

I'd appreciate a vote for your favorite technique!


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