Centsational Girl Linkup...Favorite Souvenir

Amazing blogger Centsational Girl issued a challenge...link up a blog on my favorite souvenir.  I'm glad for the challenge as I've been remiss in posting lately.

At first I thought I would submit a photo collage of my trips; however, I've never bothered to put them into any organized format.  100s (really 1000s, 3965 to be exact) of photos reside on my iPad, iTouch, HP desktop, 4 external hard drives, and numerous SD cards.  The job now seems so overwhelming that I think I will leave it for my children to handle after they ship me off to the seniors' home.

I do have one all-time favorite souvenir that I can submit.  It is a tattoo of a thistle that I got while visiting Scotland in honor of my 50th birthday.  This was a fabulous 14-day trip that my daughter, Brooke, and I took to celebrate this milestone.  I have over 400 photos from this trip alone....residing in all the various places.  But, with no further ado, I present MY THISTLE TATTOO (and my favorite souvenir)!


  1. What a wonderful memory! I hope to get a travel tattoo one day, as my husband and I try to travel often!


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